Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Bunnie Banner Girl COMPETITION!

Bitter Bunnie Designs is having a BANNER GIRL Competition! This is the FIRST Banner girl competition.

My Marketplace banner needs to be updated so I've decided to host a annual banner girl competition! The Bitter Bunnie Designs banner girl will be required to model for the marketplace banner all year round. Banner girls will also be called upon to model outfit's if official models are unavailable at the time along with our official facebook cover photo. Banner girls will also be called upon to model for new banners throughout the year as Bitter Bunnie Designs releases new outfits.

Banner girls may be offered the opportunity to become an official Bitter Bunnie Designs model during their year or after their year of being the official banner girl.

What does it take to be a Banner Girl? ~ A Bitter Bunnie Designs banner girl should be kind at heart, both beautiful on the inside and out! She should represent the brand well, be a member of the Bitter Bunnie Designs group and have dedication to deadlines & photo shoots. Banner girls should be quite active on SL. So if you are only on once a week, it's best you don't enter!


The Winner of the 2013 Bitter Bunnie Designs Banner Girl Competition will receive:

~♥~ L$10,000 in lindens
~♥~ A year of being on the official Bitter Bunnie Designs marketplace banner which receives hundred of views daily.
~♥~ A Bunnie Banner Girl title of recognition in the official group.
~♥~  L$2,000 in store credits to spend on whatever you like!
~♥~  A Bitter Bunnie Banner Girl 2013 trophy


If you wish to enter, you must...
✔ Be a member of the official Bitter Bunnie Designs in-world group
✔ Own at least 3 paid-for outfits (this does not include MM items, group gift's, Lucky board items ETC)
✔ Must be at least 150 days old.
✔ Must enter three photos on the first phase (see below for more details)

The competition will have three phases.

To enter the competition you will need to send three pictures to Bunnie Bubble. Please do not send them to myself (Telle Trezuguet) as i have a horrifyingly huge inventory and they are more likely to get lost!

✔ You must enter three pictures all together
    - Two must show full body shots with two different paid for Bitter Bunnie Designs outfits (no group gifts, MM items, LB items)
    - The third picture must be a head shot (from the shoulders up or closer, so the whole face can be seen)

These pictures must be in a folder named "Banner Girl 2013 "Your Name"
If you fail to put these in a folder with your correct name (not display name) they will not be acknowledged. So please make sure you do not ignore this step! :)

You can do fancy poses and submit edited pictures - be creative! :) The more creative you are, the better chance you have of making it to phase two! You can also simply submit SL snapshots if you are unable to edit and/or do fancy pics! They will still count :)


After receiving pictures from Phase one, I will choose 15 finalists. These finalists will be notified via notecard of their success and progress to phase three.


These finalists will then be put up on a voting board in the mainstore. Your friends, family and BBD customers will then be able to vote for you. Votes will cost L$25 each and are not limited to one vote per person (so anyone can vote as many times as they want!). Voting will last for a week, and whomever is at the top of that voting poll will become the 2013 Bitter Bunnie Designs Banner girl :)

Ladies who come second and third will automatically be progressed to phase three of next years banner girl competition if they are still active members of SL along with the Bitter Bunnie Designs group.


If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application provided in world (when you click the poser) and remember to hand this to Bunnie Bubble! Please remember to place your application and your pictures in a folder named "Banner Girl 2013 "Your Name"

Good luck!

Telle Trezuguet
Bitter Bunnie Designs

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What's new @ BBD !

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas and New year! 

I have not updated my blog in awhile as I've been busy organizing things in world, having to deal with family events in RL & been enjoying my break from RL work. If you are unaware of what has been happening  here's the update!

To kick start 2013 I have released two outfits!

Bitter Bunnie Designs brings you [BBD] Clique!~

[BBD] Clique
Start the new year off in style with this sexy new outfit! Includes a sexy polka dot corset, pink mini shorts, rigged mesh arm warmers, handbag, sunglasses, neko tail and ears and your choice of thigh-high boomers, heels or both!

The sweet & adorable [BBD] Goldfish outfit!

Keep warm & cute in this adorable new outfit! [BBD] Goldfish features an 100% rigged mesh outfit with rigged mesh leg warmers, boots & matching neko tail & ears! Comes in Grey, Turquoise, Red, Pink & Blue!

On a side-note, i've started working with a good friend of mine Ashai Lei, bringing her RL outfit sketches to life such as [BBD] Goldfish. We are about to start working on another collection together so I'm excited about releasing this one! It's still in its 'early' days though :)


LOLAS TANGO APPLIERS Will now be sold @ Bitter Bunnie Designs!

Due to popular demand, Bitter Bunnie Designs will be bringing out appliers to match Lolas Tango mesh breasts!

You can now buy appliers for the [BBD] COMPLETE Lingerie Collection! More appliers to come for future & current outfits.

What are Lolas Tangos you may ask? They are a hot new trend hitting SL. Pretty much mesh breasts which look pretty realistic. There are a good selection of stores out there supplying 'appliers' which texture your Lolas to match the desired outfit. They are however pretty new so it may be hard to find appliers right now. 

You can pick up the Lolas Tango mesh breasts here.


As a Thankyou to Loyal Bitter Bunnie Designs group members I have put up the January 2013 group gift!

This month group members will receive the new [BBD] Cutie Patootie outfit! This outfit comes with a pink bra, polkadot baby yellow top, mesh bow skirt (L,M &S), thigh-high neko boomers & matching neko tail and ears!

This can be collected at the mainstore!

Thankyou again for your loyalty!


Bitter Bunnie Designs brings you the..
COMPLETE Snuggle Bear Collection!!

Snuggle up in these adorable Snuggle Bear outfits! No matter what colour you like the most, you can look adorable and sexy at the same time!

All dresses are mesh. Demos are available in store!

Each outfit is L$290 or save L$440 and buy the fatpack at $1,300!


Bitter Bunnie Designs Brings you the..
[BBD] COMPLETE 2012 Christmas Collection!

Marry Christmas bunnies!! our sleigh has arrived in store and it is packed full of these six new sexy, cute & playful outfits to celebrate the Christmas season! Gather presents at your feet with [BBD] Christmas Tree, Work with Santa as [BBD] Santas Lil Elf, Guide the sleigh as [BBD] Sweet Santa! Or be yummy as [BBD] Ginger Sweetie! Play in the snow as [BBD] Frosty and be a lickable treat as [BBD] Snow Candy!

 No matter what kinda way you plan to celebrate this Christmas, Bitter Bunnie Designs has the outfit for you!~


Our annual Christmas hunt has wrapped up now! If you missed out you will need to wait till next year :(

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Collection, Trick-Or-Treat Hunt & More!

October has been a busy month for Bitter Bunnie Designs!

First of all the annual Trick-or-Treat hunt has officially started! This year hunters are offered 21 prizes. 9 from last years hunt items (exclusive to the hunt – for new customers) and 12 new never seen before items (including mesh)!

But beware of the tricks! There will be fake candy laid around, that look identical to the real deal however hunters will realise these are tricks once they buy the items for L$0 and they have a folder with dud items and a NC declaring it’s a trick.

Hints are provided & models will be on duty to help 

Grab your first hint from the item displays outside the store. Hunt item examples are on the floor near the display posters. Each hunt item will have a hint to the next as you go along :)

The hunt will be running from the 20th of October @ 12am SLT till the 3rd of November at 11pm SLT.

The Halloween 2012 collection has also peered it head in world and on marketplace! 

Bitter Bunnie Designs brings you the..
[BBD] Complete 2012 Halloween Collection!!

Whether you want to haunt, flutter or dazzle your friends this Halloween say trick or treat to these 6 brand-spanking new Halloween themed outfits at Bitter Bunnie Designs!

3 Including fully rigged or partial mesh outfits! 3 without mesh! :)

[BBD] Bloody Nurse
Rigged mesh nurse dress, bloody stockings, bloody tattoo layer, surgical mask, nurse hat, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Fae
Fae fairy dress, black fishnet stockings, fae wings, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Fire Tongue
Rigged mesh dragon dress, yellow fishnet stockings, dragon hoodie, dragon wings, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Mystical
Mystical unicorn dress, white fishnet stockings, unicorn horn, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Plaything
Polkadot dress with mesh skirt and prim apron, striped socks, stricked tattoo doll layer, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Queen Of Fangs
Vampire themed dress, black fishnets, two sets of fangs, neko tail and ears, and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

And if that wasnt enough for you!~ The September and October group gifts are also halloween themed and up in the store as a Thankyou to Loyal Bitter Bunnie Designs group members!

[BBD] Skullz & Bones
A sexy black skeleton themed tutu dress with matching opaque skeleton stockings and matching heels!

[BBD] Princess Pumpkin (includes Mesh)
A cute puffy pumpkin themed mesh dress with matching black heels and fishnets. Comes in two sizes with different breast sizes for the perfect fit! (4 mesh dresses all together)

Happy hunting & Halloween!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Do you want more mesh?

I need your feedback on mesh items @ Bitter Bunnie Designs :) Please take this quick 1 question survey to help out the future designs for the store!

<3 Telle

NEW!~ [BBD] COMPLETE Lingerie Collection!

Bitter Bunnie Designs Brings you the..
[BBD] Complete Lingerie Collection!

Time to whip out those claws in the bedroom! Spice things up a little more with these 6 sexy new outfits! Be desirable in white lace and power pink with [BBD] Desire, be a wild kitty covered in leopard print with [BBD] Wild, be that saucy sex kitten with this sexy see-though lace outfit [BBD] Kitten. More into being innocent and cute? Try [BBD] Angelic! Be bright and elegant with [BBD] Ruthless and hide all the rite parts with [BBD] Ravish!

No matter what your style is ~ You will be sure to find something sexy in this new collection!

[BBD] Wild
Leaopard print bra with matching panties & cincher, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Desire
White bra with lace overlay, matching panties, frilly mini skirt, stockings, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Kitten
Lace black bra with matching panties & bow, collar, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Ruthless
Laced blue bra with matching panties & cincher, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Ravish
Laced corset with matching panties & garter, stockings, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!

[BBD] Angelic
Pink bra with matching panties, babydoll overlay lace, neko tail with matching ears and your choice of either heels, boomers or both!


♥ 1 Outfit with heels OR boomers - L$290
♥ 1 Outfit with heels AND boomers - L$450

♥ Heels OR Boomer fatpacks L$1,300 each! *save L$440*
♥ Fatpack with heels AND boomers L$2,200 *save $500*

All can be located at the mainstore!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, August 17, 2012

NEW~ Rockerwear!

Bitter Bunnie Designs brings you..

The Rocker 'Rockwear' Collection!

Ever wanted to dress like a rockstar? Well now you can with Bitter Bunnie Designs all new Rockwear collection! 

With over 25+ bottoms, 30+ Tops and 19+ Dresses! Mix and match your favourite items to get the perfect and personalised look for yourself!

Items as cheap as L$60 each!

Mesh AND Non Mesh items available! All sizes of mesh items are listed on their clothing tag.

Only @ The Mainstore & Marketplace!

Telle Trezuguet
Bitter Bunnie Designs

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August Group Gift!

As a Thankyou to Loyal Bitter Bunnie Designs group members I have put up the August group gift!

This month I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and because of this I've decided to theme this months outfit around a birthday theme! :D

This month group gift is..

[BBD] Birthday Suit ~
A delicious and sexy revealing outfit, cover yourself from head to toe in pink sprinkle icing! Top this off with a pair of thigh-high neko boomers, matching neko tail and ears set and a pair of adorable frilled heels for those of you who are not neko! :)

Can be found at the back of the store!

July's outfit will be up till the release of the September group gift :)

Thanks again!!

Telle Trezuguet
Bitter Bunnie Designs